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Authentically You upholds a mission of inspiring people to be fearlessly authentic throughout every aspect of life. Isabella and Elizabeth desire to break down societal standards, encouraging people to be fearlessly authentic throughout daily life.

About Us: Team
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Isabella Baker


Isabella Baker, more commonly regarded as Bella, is the co-owner of Authentically You LLC. She consistently desires to ensure growth in character and health in others; to influence them to love and respect themselves. Bella's family and her experienced tumultuous times of struggling with body image, trauma, and anxiety. However, these experiences have brought inspiration, love, and knowledge; they brought her to new friendships that are priceless. It is for these reasons that Bella desired to start a business, with one of the greatest, most inspiring individuals she knows, Lizzie!  In the future, Bella plans on going into the medical field to further help, encourage, and support others in whatever specialty pursues.



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Our Services

Authenticity is no easy task, it requires the support of several individuals and extraordinary amounts of self-love. Authentically You is here to be that support and inspriation to others. Currently our profits go to either Project HEAL or paying for the services and poduct fees of Authentically You. In the future Authentically You might go further in supporting several different causes, but as of right now we hope to influence the eating disorder and body dysmoprhia community. Our hope is to tear down the normalized behaviors and bring light to healthy ideology and love for ones own body. Your body does so much for you after all!



Authentically You gets 5 Stars in my book! Their website is easy to use, their shirts are soft and fit well, and their purpose amazes me. These girls have such an amazing mindset and drive that I hope can rub off on more people in our society. So many people struggle with self esteem, bullying, depression/anxiety and eating disorders but it has been labeled one of those things you don’t talk about. These young ladies have the right idea to bring it to the forefront! Their message is an IMPORTANT one!! I can’t wait to see what these girls to next with the company and in life. ~Lindsey

I liked the positive message of the products.  I am looking forward to cooler weather when I can wear my quarter zip pullover.  It was easy to order on the website & came in a timely manner.  Would recommend this to friends & family. ~Marion

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